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Storage & Transfer Products

Protecting your investment is of the upmost concern to Nanofilm. We have designed containment boxes that provide safe transportation along with UV protection from accidental exposure. Our standard boxes are made from Black ABS plastic and designed in house. Large format Boxes (non-standard sizes - 8" and above) typically holding 5 pieces are made from polystyrene, also designed and produced in house. Higher capacity large format boxes can be designed for a nominal fee. Boxes have been designed with transportation and safe handling in mind. We ship all over the world and need transportation boxes that will handle the difficult trek across the seas. Carriers and carrier handles are made of Polypropylene, resulting in a part that is autoclavable and does not out gas. These items can be cleaned and sealed to be used immediately in a cleanroom atmosphere. Tiles from 1" to 4" use a 30 count carrier, 5" & 6" stored in increments of 20, the 7" carrier stores 10 pieces. Large format boxes for shipping will store 5 substrates, transport carriers are available upon request, and capacity varies upon size. Use our quote page to get pricing on these items or inquire about custom packaging or handling items.

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